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Newell has spent over 18 years in research and development, testing mitts for comfort, performance, and durability. They are made of the finest materials in the industry.


These wash mitts hold the perfect amount of soap and water, they provide a deeper and safer scrubbing experience, and they easily discard dirt and grease when rinsed.


A Newell Wash Mitt will be the last mitt you ever get. They are built to last. Until now, wash mitts were designed to fall apart quickly to create a need to buy more frequently.

What the Musi Family is saying


It’s ahead of anything I’ve seen
.... in any auto parts store. You can’t buy stuff built like this! It’s like our engines, we build top of the line, Newell builds top of the line
Pat Musi
Pat Musi
From Musi Racing Engines
I just love these mitts!!
They protect your hands, they hold the soap, they make the job so much easier!
Ralph Musi
Ralph Musi
From Morrisville, NC
Glad to have Newell on the team
Thank you to the team at Newell Inx. for your support!
Lizzy Musi 1
Lizzy Musi
From Pro Driver
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