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The Newell Wash Mitt is an amazing car detailing mitt and automotive accessory that helps to get into those hard to reach places without nicking or scraping your hand. Best of all, it protects you from the harsh chemicals in most detailing cleaners that soak through your skin and pores. This mitt boasts of first-in-class durability and quality with a proven track record of success among detailers, today. Handmade in the USA with a premium interior coating, and elastic band that keeps the glove snug. Our high grade cotton has stood the test of time and sets our wash mitt apart from other detail mitts in the industry.

A great detailing mitt that cleans and polishes with ease. Safe for all on and off road vehicles, chrome, plastic, glass, porcelain, fiberglass and more.

Constructed from the same high grade cotton as our Terry Cammon Wash Mitt. Its ability to hold an abundance of water and cleaners is unmatched and doesn’t weigh down your mitt. The wash mitt can withstand heat, gasoline and detergents without easily falling apart and rinses away clean so you don’t keep spreading dirty water over clean areas. 

Our wash mitt is perfect to pair with our Terry Cammon Wash Mitt for optimal performance. The Terry Mitt is a double sided design that creates impeccable results with its scratch proof scrubbing action fibers that is perfect for removing bugs! Use the Terry Cammon Wash Mitt on exterior or interior surfaces and for other hard to reach places like wheel wheels. Grab the duo Terry Cammon Wash Mitt and Newell 1 Wash Mitt at a reduced, introductory rate here.


Premium interior coating and elastic band to protect hands
Made from premium cotton
Holds the right amount of soap and water without wearing the mitt down
Use on automobiles, boats, motorcycles, bikes, trailers and more


Handmade in the USA. Our car wash mitts have been tested by professional detailers for over a decade with FIVE STAR reviews. After 18 years in research development, testing our mitts for durability, comfort and performance, they are unmatched against other brands. Made with the finest materials in the industry our mitts out perform some of the biggest names in the industry and their longevity is 2-3 times the length of other brands for commercial use and personal use with last you a lifetime!.

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