Wash Mitt Duo! Newell 1 & Terry Cammon Mitts



Can’t decide? Get both mitts!

The Newell 1 Wash Mitt might look like something you have seen before, but trust us, it works like nothing you have ever used before. This mitt boasts first-in-class durability and quality while protecting your hand with a premium interior coating, and elastic band. The high grade cotton has stood the test of time, and is what will set this wash mitt apart from all other detailing mitts in the industry.​

The Terry Cammon Wash Mitt is a double sided pad that many detailers prefer over a closed mitt. This product has evolved through 18 years of research and development with a Detail Shop owner in North Carolina, Terry Cammon. One side features the same high grade cotton as The Newell 1 Mitt, and the other side is a more course material to remove bugs.​

For commercial use, the mitts will last over a year.
For personal use, they will last you a lifetime.



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